Development and renovation



A farmhouse was purchased. The house was empty for many years and in a deplorable state. To bring the house back into its original state a total restoration was necessary.


The neighboring house was acquired. This house was in a similar condition as the first house for reason also here the house had to undergo a full restoration.


Another house was purchased including a little chapel. The house itself burned down before it came into our possession. What is still there will be restored and converted into a annex to our B&B. The little chapel situated on the same ground will be restored as well. This project will be taken on in the forthcoming future.


Another farmhouse with grounds and a huge wooden stable was bought. This house has been empty for at least 20 years. The wooden stable burned down in 1926 and re builded the same year has been restored in the meantime and is used as a cow and horse stable. The house itself will be converted into a B & B with 6 bed rooms and bath rooms during the coming years. The restoration works started last year.


We have taken the initiative to start our own cattle farm.


Continuing to develop the country side by planting trees and hedges and to restore demolished landmarks and walls.